Brethertons law firm is one of those companies that have a business plan made for the service of all people. Their compassion is visible not only in their business but also in the activities in which they participate outside their work. They are a very important part of the Twin Town Challenge, and they did win the one that was held in 2016. Brethertons do provide legal services for more than two hundred years when they put themselves and their knowledge at service to landowners and farmers.Today they are somewhat different and a bigger company that has changed over time and with time, but their essence has always remained the same in its own heart – they are compassionate and they do give to others through participation in various events and fundraisers.

The car that costs 99p won!

BrethertonsIn 2016, they took a major part in the Twin Town Challenge and were quite a serious set to raise a large amount of money for the Greenroom charity. Four members of their company joined the convoy of nearly a hundred cars to raise the needed money. The interesting fact is that the car they used was bought from their own client that used that same vehicle in the previous Challenge and as the colleagues at Brethertons said: “that car was tested, prepared and set to win”.

They won the 2016 Twin Town Challenge through their team effort, in a vehicle that cost them only 99p. A member of their team said that “you really do not know your colleagues if you did not take the road trip with them”, referring to the constant singing and other habits he did not know his colleagues had, adding that the most amazing weekend he had was topped with the fact of how much money they all succeeded to raise for charity that focuses on inclusion and on creating a safe fun space for young people. They brought home a trophy and 8569 points that they earned by completing various challenges that included treasure hunting and blind driving, but they also brought an opportunity and support to others.