What Roles Have Hexagon Business Centres In The Twin Town?

What Roles Have Hexagon Business Centres In The Twin Town?

Hexagon business Centre is a home for over seventy small, growing companies and businesses that are based in Witney. They offer a support service to various businesses. They are devoted to providing excellent standards and resources trough costumers’ service and support for anyone business success. This Centre provides a friendly and flexible community of (virtual) tenants, associates, and friends with a professional environment where they are able to collaborate, network and learn alongside other businesses. They also hold various informative seminars.

MD of this establishment, Cross Brendon, is also a main organizer of the Twin Town Challenge and he is also a vital part of charity SpecialEffect, meaning that Hexagon is completely dedicated to helping other communities and people, in bringing people together.

But that is not all they do

Hexagon business centre plays a big role in the Twin Town Challenge and is a vital part of that community. They are a loyal friend that always helped the Twin Town Challenge to raise a large amount of funds for charity SpecialEffect. They provide admin support through newsletters, emails, and telephone for this event. Their staff also regularly volunteered to help to organize the challenges, making volunteers kits, arranging hotels and much more. They are an important part of the system that helps raise the money for people with disabilities making it possible to create a community for them where they can have fun, make friends and socialize through playing computer games with their peers.

Being possible to hold this event that goes throughout the whole weekend, and help others is the best reward there is, and without Hexagon business centre that goal would be unreachable. They help in covering costs regarding the event through sponsorships, meaning that all the money that is paid in the entry fees goes to the SpecialEffet charity, alongside with the money raised by the teams.Making such a big legacy is a huge project but it does continue to grow and to blossom not just through those events, but a long time after they are completed. This legacy raises awareness and trough generosity and passion it helps people