Everyone that was ever a fan of Top Gear does seem to go overexcited when taking on a part in a Twin Town Challenge. It wasn’t anything different for Team Dropbox in the year of 2016 when they competed in this challenge and helped raised funds for a charity that brings people with physical disability together to trough safe fun and exciting community of playing adaptable video games, while also getting educated and informed on technology, its various applications, and usage.

Panda on the road!

They named their banger “Bully” and with 47 other teams that took part in the race, they competed in all of the challenges that were presented to them through the three day period. Naming some of them are Blind driving, Car boxing, and Best Dressed. They also brought their own mascot – a giant stuffed 4-foot big panda. But they did something more – for every penny that they raised from made donations, they matched it by their own donation. Their car did break a lot during those three days and they did drove quite slow, but as they proudly said “hey didn’t come last”. But what they did is helped exceeded the target goal that was set to a quarter of a million.

CarsThis successful company is always there to expand and help people improve their communities, not just through their work and technology advancement they do take part in, but through their participation in various events off work such as this Twin Town Challenge. They are very dedicated in improving peoples lives and the AfterEffect is a charity that is quite close to their heart because this charity also found the way to improve lives of others by using technologies trough and in which they educate young people and include them into that part of society too.Dropbox may not win the 2016 challenge but they did win peoples’ hearts by matching every penny that they raised with their own money. That shows what aspiration and goals are leading them into the future.