What Roles Have Hexagon Business Centres In The Twin Town?

What Roles Have Hexagon Business Centres In The Twin Town?

Hexagon business Centre is a home for over seventy small, growing companies and businesses that are based in Witney. They offer a support service to various businesses. They are devoted to providing excellent standards and resources trough costumers’ service and support for anyone business success. This Centre provides a friendly and flexible community of (virtual) tenants, associates, and friends with a professional environment where they are able to collaborate, network and learn alongside other businesses. They also hold various informative seminars.

MD of this establishment, Cross Brendon, is also a main organizer of the Twin Town Challenge and he is also a vital part of charity SpecialEffect, meaning that Hexagon is completely dedicated to helping other communities and people, in bringing people together.

But that is not all they do

Hexagon business centre plays a big role in the Twin Town Challenge and is a vital part of that community. They are a loyal friend that always helped the Twin Town Challenge to raise a large amount of funds for charity SpecialEffect. They provide admin support through newsletters, emails, and telephone for this event. Their staff also regularly volunteered to help to organize the challenges, making volunteers kits, arranging hotels and much more. They are an important part of the system that helps raise the money for people with disabilities making it possible to create a community for them where they can have fun, make friends and socialize through playing computer games with their peers.

Being possible to hold this event that goes throughout the whole weekend, and help others is the best reward there is, and without Hexagon business centre that goal would be unreachable. They help in covering costs regarding the event through sponsorships, meaning that all the money that is paid in the entry fees goes to the SpecialEffet charity, alongside with the money raised by the teams.Making such a big legacy is a huge project but it does continue to grow and to blossom not just through those events, but a long time after they are completed. This legacy raises awareness and trough generosity and passion it helps people

Brethertons At The Twin Towns Challenge 2016

Brethertons At The Twin Towns Challenge 2016

Brethertons law firm is one of those companies that have a business plan made for the service of all people. Their compassion is visible not only in their business but also in the activities in which they participate outside their work. They are a very important part of the Twin Town Challenge, and they did win the one that was held in 2016. Brethertons do provide legal services for more than two hundred years when they put themselves and their knowledge at service to landowners and farmers.Today they are somewhat different and a bigger company that has changed over time and with time, but their essence has always remained the same in its own heart – they are compassionate and they do give to others through participation in various events and fundraisers.

The car that costs 99p won!

BrethertonsIn 2016, they took a major part in the Twin Town Challenge and were quite a serious set to raise a large amount of money for the Greenroom charity. Four members of their company joined the convoy of nearly a hundred cars to raise the needed money. The interesting fact is that the car they used was bought from their own client that used that same vehicle in the previous Challenge and as the colleagues at Brethertons said: “that car was tested, prepared and set to win”.

They won the 2016 Twin Town Challenge through their team effort, in a vehicle that cost them only 99p. A member of their team said that “you really do not know your colleagues if you did not take the road trip with them”, referring to the constant singing and other habits he did not know his colleagues had, adding that the most amazing weekend he had was topped with the fact of how much money they all succeeded to raise for charity that focuses on inclusion and on creating a safe fun space for young people. They brought home a trophy and 8569 points that they earned by completing various challenges that included treasure hunting and blind driving, but they also brought an opportunity and support to others.

How Team Dropbox Took On The Twin Town Challenge 2016

How Team Dropbox Took On The Twin Town Challenge 2016

Everyone that was ever a fan of Top Gear does seem to go overexcited when taking on a part in a Twin Town Challenge. It wasn’t anything different for Team Dropbox in the year of 2016 when they competed in this challenge and helped raised funds for a charity that brings people with physical disability together to trough safe fun and exciting community of playing adaptable video games, while also getting educated and informed on technology, its various applications, and usage.

Panda on the road!

They named their banger “Bully” and with 47 other teams that took part in the race, they competed in all of the challenges that were presented to them through the three day period. Naming some of them are Blind driving, Car boxing, and Best Dressed. They also brought their own mascot – a giant stuffed 4-foot big panda. But they did something more – for every penny that they raised from made donations, they matched it by their own donation. Their car did break a lot during those three days and they did drove quite slow, but as they proudly said “hey didn’t come last”. But what they did is helped exceeded the target goal that was set to a quarter of a million.

CarsThis successful company is always there to expand and help people improve their communities, not just through their work and technology advancement they do take part in, but through their participation in various events off work such as this Twin Town Challenge. They are very dedicated in improving peoples lives and the AfterEffect is a charity that is quite close to their heart because this charity also found the way to improve lives of others by using technologies trough and in which they educate young people and include them into that part of society too.Dropbox may not win the 2016 challenge but they did win peoples’ hearts by matching every penny that they raised with their own money. That shows what aspiration and goals are leading them into the future.

Twin Town Challenge 2016: Here’s why you should take part

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