A big thank you to all of our sponsors for the Twin Town Challenge. Your support helps SpecialEffect to give a new lease of life to people with physical disabilities through communication, creativity and video games. Becoming a sponsor for the Twin Town Challenge 2020 offers your business a wide range of benefits, in addition to supporting a great cause. It’s an opportunity to provide your employees with volunteering and fundraising opportunities, network with other businesses and get great publicity for your brand.

Support a good cause

SpecialEffect help people with a wide range of physical disabilities to play, learn, work and enjoy life. Their support has a profound effect on the lives of those they help. SpecialEffect provide their services for free and all of their funding comes from donations and fundraising. By sponsoring Twin Town, you can help to cover the costs of the event to ensure that all of the money raised goes directly to this fantastic charity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is high on the priority list for many businesses these days. Twin Town provides you with an opportunity to get more involved than simply writing a cheque. Taking part in the Twin Town Challenge is a great bonding exercise for your team, or it can be offered as an incentive to your staff. It provides a focal activity for your entire business to rally around. You could run competitions to design the car, fundraising activities that include your whole workforce and more. Demonstrating your commitment to charity can also help with staff retention and recruitment.


Twin Town attracts business from a wide range of industries and all regions of the UK. The games industry and West Oxfordshire businesses make up the largest contingent, but there are representatives from the telecoms and tech industries plus all manner of other businesses. This adds up to a great opportunity to meet new people and grow your network.

Publicity and brand awareness

Twin Town is a spectacle that gets press coverage from a range of media, both local and national. It’s a great opportunity to get your brand associated with a good cause and raise awareness of your business sush as agood.com.