The Cause

With 100 cars costing less than £500, the Twin Town Challenge is certainly not a race but a series of points based challenges over a long weekend. The result is 400 people having lots of fun raising money for a very special charity! In the spirit of enormous fun, our goal is to help others through our cause in a deep meaningful way and do our best to make life more enjoyable and easy for everyone.For businesses, it offers a unique networking opportunity. Contacts are made, opportunities identified and the great thing is that you share a common purpose. One TTC14 participant described it as “Better than a breakfast club to meet new people and businesses and all for a truly fantastic cause.”

Why Get Involved

TTC provides lots of very easy marketing content from the very time you register from choosing your team name, buying and decorating your car, raising money, choosing your team, getting sponsors to help with the car to the event itself. It can help to raise your profile, to engage with your stakeholders and to make a noise on social media.For individuals and businesses, the Twin Town Challenge is a great team building experience, a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive round motor circuits and lots of fun. The more serious side is that this raises a significant amount of money for SpecialEffect so that they can help people with disabilities to have fun and laugh whilst playing computer games.